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Environmental protection

Le 31 August 2018, 08:35 dans Humeurs 0

Board type furniture has the advantages of convenient disassembly, diversified design and difficult deformation. Because board type furniture price is affordable, and suit mass-production more, board type furniture is very popular so. please note the following points when choosing:

Environmental protection

The environmental protection performance of board type furniture is mainly reflected in the quality of board. At present more on market is environmental protection grade E1, E0 board, to our consumer, because cannot distinguish environmental protection grade with naked eye, have to look at the businessman to have environmental protection certificate, additional, to new place the furniture, wen wen has big pungent odour.

Details of the work

Good board type furniture wants to see detail work, look for instance the installation place of hardware fittings, the sealing side part of sheet material is close wait.

plate edge quality

If it is a plastic board, you should see the side of the board surface around the seam. If it is a fine wood veneer, check to see if the opposite seam of the strip is tight and the grain of the strip is smooth.

Structural firmness

push the furniture gently with your hand. If it wobbles or creaks, the structure is not strong.

partial clearance

For instance door seam, drawer seam, with interstice appropriate is good, from these interstice appropriate on, can see the fine degree of workmanship.

personal advice

Board type furniture suits contemporary and contracted style very much, especially to the classmate of budget anxiety is a very good choice. General bedroom 5 pieces are covered (ark of big chest, bed, two head of a bed, TV) 5 or 6 thousand can be done, if change into real wood, it is estimation of relatively cheap rubber wood wants double above price.


Where is the furniture board

Le 17 June 2016, 09:59 dans Humeurs 0

Where is the furniture board?

The first is design, the second is material and the third is processing.

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Design aside, board type furniture also has the distinction of bad material, if use 100% beech wood shavings presses man-made board, use the adhesive that does not have formaldehyde to come agglutinate, that cost cannot be low. In addition, man-made board is decompose board piece or wooden oar, make board afresh again, so be in temperature, humidity change bigger when, of board type furniture "form change" want far less than real wood furniture. Naturally, such processes require expensive equipment.

What's the difference in price between "refueling sample" and "original"?

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"Refueling sample" than "original" price is much lower, its main technique is to use the paper veneer of imitation wood grain to pretend to be wood, in the use of one, two years later, the paper veneer cracked.

There is also the use of hardware. Can disassemble at will assemble combination is the advantage with the biggest board type furniture, so the quality of connecting piece is good or bad and the quality of whole furniture is closely related. "Original" furniture is expensive on these details Cochrane review.

"Foreign" plate price is high

Talk about the main factor that restricts board type price, the difference of the most basic affirmation is plank, understand according to, what use most now furniture is particieboard or density board, density is different, environmental protection grade is different, price also is different. Small make up know in the terminal, the price difference of domestic plank and import plank is very big, same furniture, use domestic plank and the price difference that use import plank reach 80% highest, same use a function, why price difference is so much?

This type of office Partition is somewhat similar to the portable partition. It gives you full enclosure such as the floor-to-ceiling partition. You can open the partition in a number of ways.

In fact, the difference between imported boards and domestic boards does exist. The reason lies in that the formaldehyde content of domestic boards is generally higher than that of imported boards. The formaldehyde limit of domestic boards is grade E1 (E1 is no more than 1.5mg/L). At present, the best production in China is deshui river. Several large enterprises in China mainly use its materials. However, the environmental protection standard is close to that of foreign countries.


9 Advantages Of Having A Pet

Le 7 March 2016, 02:44 dans 寵物 0

Everyone is in search for friendship all through their lives and the best form of companionship comes in the form of animals DR REBORN, that is, pets. Cats and dogs are the most preferred of the lot. However, nowadays people have birds and other animals as their pets too.


If you have pets, you must have realized by now that they become an indispensable part of your lives and you treasure every moment spent with them. But if you don’t own one, then this article will give you enough reasons to do the same.


1. Are great companions

As said earlier, a pet can give you utmost companionship at all times. Your pet, though silent, takes you to another level of friendship. Its just being there seems enough for you. For someone who lives alone, pets can be a solace. Children and old people who are often alone at home can have a good time with their pets.


2. Keep you active

Whether you are jogging or going for a stroll in the park, your pet can always keep you company. If you like to work out, you can take them running with you. Simply put, your pet will help you in being active.


3. Help build character

A pet needs to be taken care of. It needs to be bathed, groomed, fed and there are other such responsibilities that you need to look after. All this will help you in character building, as you will not only learn to do these lovely things for your pets DR REBORN, but in the long run also learn to take up responsibilities on your own. Children can be taught discipline, responsibilities and organizational skills by handling pets.


4. Teach you patience

Handling all these responsibilities also makes adults and old people cultivate patience. Bathing your pet, grooming it, feeding it, all require lots of patience. Thus, having a pet makes you responsible as well as a calm and patient person.


5. Improve health

For old people, having a pet is a relief as sometimes they pour their hearts out to these silent souls. Pets can help to relieve the boredom, loneliness and stress that is common among aged people and be wonderful companions. Pets reduce the chances of old people going into depression. They even help to improve their health if they are going through any emotional trauma.


6. Help in making friends

Owning a pet makes you do activities such as taking it to the vet, going for a walk, etc. Thus, you get to meet other pet owners and end up asking queries to each other about your pets. In this way, you make acquaintances who then gradually become your friends.


7. Improve family bonds

A pet can quickly and easily become a member of the family and when tensions rise, pets, especially dogs, are known to intervene. Thus, they also can be great stress busters in stressful situations.


8. Improve your mood

Whether you are sulking or unhappy, your pet will always make you happy. If your bird sweetly chirps at you or your cat rubs its paws against your hands as you enter home, won’t it instantly cheer you up?


9. Pets for the disabled and aged

For old and disabled people, pets are great companions as well as modes to relax their tension. For the aged, pets can provide them company and play with them. For the disabled, pets cultivate a sense of self-esteem in them.


So if you were still unsure about keeping a pet DR REBORN, this article should surely have helped you to think otherwise.

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